Search and Rescue 2 Demo


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This simulation offers :
Detailed Dolphin HH65 helicopter model, including cockpit and hoist operator views. Many parts of the helicopter are animated, such as moving slide doors, rotor blades, retractable landing gear and hoist arm.
Realistic physics engine makes the Dolphin react the way it would in reality, responding to elements like torque effect, hover effect, weight, auto-rotations, aircraft emergencies and speed limitations. A wind and air pressure system also makes an impact on flight and helicopter handling.
Limitations of the demo are:
Only 3 missions available, only One of the 3 missions lets you test the rescue swimmer, Only 1 rural/coastal area (20x20 kilometers) used, Only 7 injury types used (only used in one of the missions), The random mission generator only involves 1 area and 3 basic missions, No campaign system available, No music (to reduce download time).

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