Sno - Cross Extreme


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Sno-Cross Championship Racing offers extreme sled racing in three different leagues located all over the world such as the Olympic city of Nagano, the jet set centre Aspen or even in the Russian naval ship graveyard in Murmansk, Russia.

The seven (ten on Dreamcast) racing locations have been cleverly devised to not only look amazing but also work perfectly with the snowmobiles. Each track can also be played with different weather and time of day settings.

The game features twelve Yamaha sleds that are modeled straight off from the secret CAD drawings created by Yamaha's Research & Development division in Tokyo, Japan. Together we have recreated the real speed, physics and gameplay from this dangerous sport.

You start with the light 500cc models of sleds and work your way up through the World Tour all the way to the Professional leauge run with the heavy and extremly fast 700cc sleds. As you progress you will unlock hidden sleds and locations.

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