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Welcome to the "Sorcerer's Apprentice" Halloween Special!

This free mini game is presented to you by

Comport Interactive (publisher)


Angry Ant Entertainment (developer).

The Halloween Special gives you a short look at what awaits you in the full
version of "Sorcerer's Apprentice"

You take over the role of a sorcerer's apprentice and complete tasks given to
you by your master.

Following is a short overview over the game's controls.

W accelerate forward

S fly backwards

A strafe left

D strafe right

TAB view map (hold button)

Mouse look around

Left click cast spell

Light click Boost (Broom moves faster)

F1 Use dragonegg (Spells affect a larger range)

F2 Use faery jewel (Restore Health)

F3 Use magic mushroom (cast spells faster)

F4 Use magic powder (restore mana)

F5 Use enchanted owl (Owl takes off and attacks closest

F6 Use falling star (A meteorite shower goes down where
you pointed at the
ground while using it.)

O Options Set up graphics and sound


- The boost cannot be used while shooting. Three seconds after the last time
fired, boost will be avaiable again.

- The enemies will attack you, if they have nothing else left to do or if you
shot and hit them.

- Never use an owl too close to the ground. It could happen that the eager
little fellow crashes straight into a group of tress.

- Explosions cast by owls or meteorites will hurt you, too. Keep some distance

- If you are a nice apprentice you extinguish all fires cast by you foes using
your spell. In the full version your mana will cease to restore if more than 20
buildings are burning.

- Given a new task by your master take a look at the map for orientation.

And now have lots of fun with "Sorcerer's Apprentice" - Halloween Special!

Your Angry Ants.

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