Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Multiplayer Demo


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The multiplayer demo of Splinter Cell® Pandora Tomorrow is now available for download.

Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Multiplayer Demo features

*Mount Hospital level.
*Neutralization game mode: Shadownet spies must find hazardous units and neutralize them. Mercenaries must protect these units even if it means eradicate the intruders.
*Default gadgets are available:
*Spies: smoke grenades, chaff grenades, sticky cameras, alarm snares.
*Mercenaries: Frag grenades, tazer, mines, spy traps.
*Parameters: 10 minutes length games, limited respawns for both Shadownet spies (4) and Argus mercenaries (3), 10 seconds respawn length.
*A configuration test when launching the game

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