Star Wraith 2


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See if you have what it takes to survive as an elite combat fighter pilot.
You will fly for the Alliance in the special operations wing, taking on challenges in the heart of enemy territory. With no chance of reinforcements and few resources, your leadership will determine if your squadron survives.

If fighting for the Alliance in the Star Wraith isn't to your liking, put your skills up for hire in the mercenary mode. Fighting as a mercenary allows you to form a group of pilots and manage a squadron. Accept or reject contracts from a number of factions offering you money for your services. Use your combat funds to pay your pilots and purchase new fighters. Each fighter has its own unique flight model, weapon capacity, and shielding. Star Wraith 2 features impressive space environments that include nebulas, asteroids, planets, moons, and thousands of on-screen stars. The game features a
responsive and realistic flight model, weapon impacts will also knock you around. Fighting for the Alliance will give you a variety of missles and cannons to choose from.

Star Wraith 2 is an ongoing project, there will likely be many future improvements based on the suggestions of players and registered users can download the updates for free!


Full use of 3D accelerated graphics, compatible with most D3D capable video

- Support for hardware T&L.

- Compatible with most Force Feedback controllers.

- Dogfight in various environments including asteroid fields, nebula clouds, and
planet atmospheres/terrain. Planets aren't just background scenery, they are
part of the combat environment. Approach an atmosphere too fast and you'll likely
burn up. You can also design your own missions around any available environment.

- Simplified gameplay that is easy to learn and tough to master. No cut scenes,
distracting plots, or acting classes, just raw space combat. All of the action, none of the fluff!

- Command your squadron using a single keystroke. Your orders will determine how
long your squadron will survive.

- Fly as an alliance combat pilot or put your skills up for hire in
a new mercenary mode.

- Over 20 missions are available in the campaign mode, including patrol,
strike, recon, intercept, defense, and escort objectives.

- Track your performance as well as your squadron's in the Duty Log section.
Statistics include accuracy, squadron/personal kills, and missions completed.

- MDTS (multi-directional tracking system) gun control, allowing your main guns
to follow the movement of an enemy fighter. Works when a target is flying directly
at or away from you and is especially useful when you're being hit by gunfire!

- Change the course of your missles in flight. If the target you launched a
missle at is destroyed, the missle will automatically track a live target. Or
if you wish to select a different target, simply lock onto a different enemy
and the missle will change course in flight automatically to strike the new target.

- 3 instant action modes, including Freeflight for practicing your flying skills,
Random to instantly generate a random mission, and Create to let you design your
own missions.

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