Star Wraith Version 1.4a


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Features of the game are:
Track your performance as well as your squadron's in the Duty Log section. Statistics
include accuracy, squadron kills, personal kills, and missions completed.
MDTS (multi-directional tracking system) gun control, allowing the guns to follow the movement of any enemy fighter. No need to point the nose of your fighter toward the enemy to shoot at them. Works best at close range and can be countered. The system doesn't take the challenge away. The enemy can still evade the shots and you'll need to fire at close range.
Change the course of your missles in flight. If the target you launched a missle at is
destroyed, the missle will automatically track a live target. Or if you wish to select a
different target, simply lock onto a different enemy and the missle will change course
in flight automatically to strike the new target. No wasted missles!
Track shield levels of every fighter in the combat zone. The heads-up-display will monitor
the shield level of the fighter you are currently locked on to (highlighted in red) and will also display the shield level of the other fighters in the area. This way, you can choose which fighter you want to attack first and which one poses the most threat.
Planets aren't background scenery, they are part of the combat environment. Hide behind
them or use cloud layers to your advantage.
Full use of 3D accelerated graphics. Best possible graphics performance from a wide variety of video cards and computer systems. Compatible with most Direct3D capable cards.
Random campaign generator, no two campaigns are identical. Start your career by passing
final flight exams, then move onto randomly generated missions featuring a variety of
environments, objectives, and ships.
3 instant action modes. Freeflight lets you practice your flying skills, gauntlet creates
new fighters in place of destroyed ones, and the create mode lets you build your own missions using a variety of parameters.
Control and select the pilots you fly with. Select a squadron of up to 4 other fighters to
join you. Joint missions will allow you to fly with up to 8 other pilots.
Customize your weapons. Don't like the speed or power of a missle? Use the weapon center
to engineer your own missles. You can make a more powerful missle at the expense of speed
and maneuverability. Once you've made your missles, you can save them as your standard
loadout. No need to keep designing your weapons.
Try before you buy. Download the demo to make sure the game is for you and that it works
on your computer, then elect to pay the registeration price. No need to download another
version of the game! Simply order the game online, enter the registeration key, and the demo is converted into the registered game.
Low cost. $14 buys the full game.
Expandability. By paying the full registeration price, you will be able to download updates to the game directly from the website that may include improvements to graphics, sound, missions, or other ships/options. If there is enough interest, I plan to continue making improvements. Registered users will also be able to upgrade to the multiplayer version for free when it becomes available.

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