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The Steel Fury: Kharkov 42"- is a tank simulator in the theme of WWII.

Events in the game are based on the little-known offensive operation, conducted by the Red Army from May 12 to 28, 1942. In the course

of German counterattack, begun 17 May 1942, three Soviet Armies were surrounded and forced through fierce fighting to leave from the

"meat grinder" Of The "Barvenkovskiy Kotel".
These events seize the player and keep him engaged to the very end of the game. Bitterness from the loss of his combat comrades and

happiness of victories, the monstrous roar of tanks and military vehicles and the sounds of war armadas, the torn eardrums from the

eternal cannonades of projectiles and roar of bullets, fear and fury - all this will turn any player into rabid excitement. No time to

the reflections - only battle! And in this entire devil's sabbath of the war horror the player will have only one human desire - to

The tanks and their crews, represented with the maximum historical authenticity, are the central elements of the game. Entertainment

and scale battles with the participation of all possible troops are joined into three campaigns perfectly focused on the events of

those days. Each of the campaigns gives the specific tank, which has its special features of control, behavior while under power and

in combat.
The player will be introduced to the special features of conducting tank combat. Its rules are simple: do not turn to the enemy with

your board, actively maneuver, shoot earlier and be more precise than enemy.
Commanding - reasonably determine tactics, try to save your vehicle and crews. Choose your own way to victory!
Real war = real vehicles. The exterior view of vehicles, its inside environment and tactical symbols are recreated with historical

The player is given the possibility to participate in battles with a lot of vehicles, whose large part is represented for the first

time. Scale war. One in the battle is not a soldier... to achieve mission's goal interact with all kinds of military troops that

participate in the operation. Try to feel how it was. Find your own unique solutions to achieve different combat missions, and take

all thoughts to victory.
In the game is used its own "engine" - code as the technological basis.

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