Strange Attractors 2


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Strange Attractors 2 is an experimental top-down action-puzzler in which the player navigates through a variety of bizarre worlds by controlling the forces of gravity using an elegant and unique interface. Strange Attractors 2 is an amazing evolution from its predecessor, which was developed in a single month to showcase the potential of elegant, accessible controls in a one-switch game. The first incarnation of the game received widespread recognition for its innovative controls and entertaining game play, inspiring the creators to enhance the design and structure to create a new game that builds on the unique concepts of the first; thus, creating a product that is competitive not only in the open market but with the previous version.

Strange Attractors 2 is designed to reach a wide audience of discerning mainstream gamers, while maintaining a high level of accessibility to people with limited mobility. The full game is played with only two inputs, and can be easily configured to run in fully one switch mode, where everything, including menus, is operated using a single, configurable input. The game showcases Ominous Development's in-house engine with detailed three-dimensional environments, simulated physics, and unique sounds and music effects.

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