Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict GOLD Demo


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Now here's a Christmas present for you!!! The brand new free DEMO for Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict GOLD is available for download right now, and packed to the brim with gameplay!

The free demo includes 2 campaigns as a small sample of what the full game offers:

• 1939 World At War campaign limited to 10 months of playing time - This is the main global campaign covering the entire war from start to finish. Players will be able to wage war across Europe, the Atlantic, North Africa, Asia and the Pacific.
• 1948 World At War campaign limited to 4 months of playing time - With the Axis powers soundly defeated, the Western Allies' alliance with the USSR and China becomes fractured as ideology now trumps previous allegiances... This is World War III!

Multiplayer modes, saving and unit purchases are disabled in the demo but the campaign is playable against the AI as either side.

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