Stronghold Crusader Extreme - Demo


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Stronghold Crusader Extreme takes the addictive Crusader gameplay to a new level. Featuring massive battles, new outposts and tactical powers to master, Extreme carries on from where Crusader left off. The all new Extreme trail will provide a stiff challenge to any hardened Crusader player. For those new to Crusader, the original game has been provided too, in an updated form and with all the previously released limited edition content, such as the second crusader trail and all 8 new AI opponents.

Stronghold Crusader Extreme provides huge armies and huge battles - over 10000 units on the battle field. New buildings - Outposts provide hordes of attacking enemies to deal with. Battlefield powers - Reinforcement, bombard and heal powers can be used, no, MUST be used to defend against the waves of attacking enemies.

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