Sudden Strike III: Arms for Victory Beta Demo


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Fireglow Games has released a beta demo Sudden Strike III: Arms for Victory.

World War Real Time Strategy

The game expands the borders of conventional RTS game. We introduced some major interface and gameplay innovations that will

distinguish it from other WWII RTS games, and definitely from all the previous Sudden Strike series games, created by our company.

The game will simulate joint operation of ground, naval and air forces on vast areas. New user interface paradigm will allow player to

control these forces avoiding unnecessary micro-management, while allowing controlling individual units, if player would so desire. It

will be convenient for both a beginner andfor an experienced player. The player will choose the best way of controlling a game

situation himself, thus it will be interesting to play same companyseveral times using different tactics or control level.

Gameplay will include land and sea operations, with aviation acting as a support force for both. Sea forces will also be supported by

submarines that can for example hunt down an enemy supply convoy. Carrier-based aviation will support both naval and land operation

when possible. It will be possible to develop in depth coastal defense, thus, careful control of player naval and air forces will be

the key to successful land operations. Harbors and airfields will play an important role in the gameplay, as gates for transports

providing supplies and reinforcement. Land operations will cover vast areas, making reconnaissance an essential part of gameplay.

New 3D engine will be used in Sudden Strike 3 and other upcoming games. It utilizes the most recent versions of DirectX and OpenGL

APIs, thus taking advantage of modern graphics accelerators power. The engine is targeted for RTS games mainly, utilizing a bird's-eye

view of the battlefield, with free camera control and close-ups supported. Game engine is capable of rendering large-scale maps with

mountains, forests, water, with a huge amount of units. It supports realistic-looking dynamic shadows and special effects on a

close-up view. Engine™ AI is able to effectively manage both large armies, and individual units.

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