Summoner Demo and Patch


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[[Demo Patch Fixes]]

Fixed problem with ATI Radeon and GeForce cards where main in-game screen would appear black and only the in-game interface was visible.
Fixed problem with some Voodoo cards where users were unable to click on menu options on the main menu.
Added minimum requirements and recommended specs to readme.txt.

[[The Game]]

Summoner is a fantasy role-playing game under development here at Volition since July, 1998. Our goal is to produce the most exciting and immersive role-playing experience ever for the PlayStation2, PC, and Mac.
The first goal was to build the best rendering engine ever seen in an RPG, a key part of creating a compelling and detailed world.
Currently, work is being carried out on the in-game interface and combat.

Intended features include:

Full 3D engine with a 3rd person view
Dynamic, easy to control camera system offering cinematic views
In-depth story with unique characters
Jaw dropping spell effects and summonings
Quality party-based multiplayer, unconstrained by the storyline
Streamlined, mouse-driven interface
Easy-to-learn combat system, with progressive depth
Amazing in-game cinematics
Massive amounts of weapons, spells, monsters, and characters

[[The Demo]]

Volition, Inc and THQ are proud to announce the release of the Summoner PC Demo!
Key features of the demo include:

Three levels of play, including the Lenele Sewers and Lenele Old City
Three summons available, including the Red Minotaur and Blood Golem
Lots of enemies to fight and gain experience from
All new interface and artwork
Lots of interesting weapons and items

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