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Install Info:
NOTE: There is an outstanding issue with this file that results in a -6001 Error on install. Please follow the step below to resolve that issue:

RENAME (not delete) the entire C:Program FilesCommon FilesInstallShield folder and try re-installing again. You may rename the folder to anything you like, but we recommend something similar to 'InstallShield-old'.

TimeShift Readme File
Pre Release Demo - 12/16/05

The demo contains one full level "where you must use your timeshifting powers to infiltrate the perimeter of a heavily guarded building to meet an important rebel contact on the top floor."


Error: InstallShield error code -6001 during setup.

During installation, you may receive an InstallShield error that returns an error code '-6001'.

This InstallShield error indicates a corrupt version of InstallShield is installed on your computer. To correct this issue, simply delete the following folder from your computer and attempt to run the installer again:

C:Program FilesCommon FilesInstallShieldProfessionalRunTime0701

If this fails to correct the problem, we recommend you RENAME (not delete) the entire C:Program FilesCommon FilesInstallShield folder and try again. You may rename the folder to anything you like, but we recommend something similar to 'InstallShield-old'.

* Windows 2000/XP
* 2 GHz processor (2.5 GHz recommended)
* 512 MB RAM
* 128 MB video card with full hardware T&L support
* DirectX 9.0c
* Sound Card, Mouse, Keyboard
* About 1GB free hard drive space (300 MB as scratch space)

Please scroll down to the end of this document for a full list of known compatibility problems.

1. Double-click "TimeShift_DEMO_Setup.exe" to extract the build components to your Hard Drive.

2. Double-click "TimeShift_Demo.exe" to launch the demo.

* The first time you launch the demo, the loading time may be very long because we are caching data on your machine.

* You do not have to hold the TimeShift buttons (Slow, Stop, and Reverse) because they are toggles.

* Remember to use your abilities often, as you'll find that you can use more than one to overcome obstacles.

* This demo contains one level only. The full game has 30+ levels, vehicles and 16 user multiplayer.

Game Info:

Time Is The Ultimate Weapon.

Set in the near future, TimeShift from Saber Interactive will take the first-person genre to an entirely different dimension marked by erratic time and unrelenting action. TimeShift transports gamers to a strange yet familiar world where individual rights have been eradicated and a tyrannical leader rules ruthlessly with an iron fist.

Gamers assume the role of renowned and recently retired test pilot Colonel Michael Swift, who has just lost his only daughter to a bus accident. Bleak, depressed and desperate for an escape from his misery, Swift decides to accept a recent offer from the US Government. Armed with a time-control device called the "Quantum Suit" and a time machine called the "Chronomicon," Swift sets out to test the most significant inventions of the century. He is briefly sent back in time to plant an experimental probe. Upon his return to the present, a shift has occurred. The world he left has changed beyond all recognition. And his knowledge of the true time stream has made him an enemy of the state. Swift is now both on the run and on a mission to set time straight once again.

*Time control elements never before seen in any game - players can slow, stop and reverse the flow of time, affecting the world and enemies around them while moving freely through frozen worlds;
*Time shifting obstacles will challenge the players to think in four dimensions in order to overcome difficult scenarios and defeat challenging enemies;
*Next-generation graphics technology in the Saber3D engine, including normal mapping for amazing high-detailed textures and characters as well as parallax lighting, which allows the environment to come alive with detail;
*Deep storyline involving time travel and betrayal, featuring an alternate time stream;
*A wide array of unique weapons, vehicles, and operable gun turrets;
*More than 30 combat missions, spanning outdoor, urban, aerial and indoor environments, each featuring unique time shifting elements and challenges;
*Online multiplayer options that allow up to 16 players to use time based weaponry against other human adversaries.

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