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Tormentum is a 2D adventure game developed by the independent 3-person OhNoo studio.
The action of the game is set in unfriendly, violent world where one has to demonstrate quick wits and make many ambiguous decisions.

Braiding these well-known motifs OhNoo studio plans to create one of the most bizarre, surrealistic worlds one has ever encountered in the adventure games.

The protagonist will visit three completely different lands with regard to their architecture, weather, and beasts living there. All together around 80 locations.

The game graphics makes the game truly exceptional. Dark and murky hand-made illustrations perfectly supplement ponderous and climatic soundtrack of the game.

Despite the fact that the works have not been completed, the game induced a lot of enthusiasm and interest of the most popular opinion-forming game media, such as “Destructoid”, or “Rock Paper, Shotgun”.

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