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Rather than simply relaunching this original, fresh and innovative game as a budget version, Nadéo has entirely renovated TrackMania. TrackMania Original will take advantage of Trackmania Sunrise's fantastic looking graphics engine. All the great features that made TrackMania Sunrise famous will be added. This enhanced version will propose all of the tools included with TrackMania Sunrise (editor, painter, media tracker...) and the new multiplayer features (P2P, ...). Trackmania will even include "Platform" and Stunt", two brand new modes. That's not all!!! TrackMania Original includes the Power Up! expansion pack with more than 100 new construction blocks.

The demo comes in at 134 Mb, and will let you fully enjoy TrackManian desert:
- New Stunt mode: 3 insane races for those who want to pull of crazy stunts in a nice car!
- New Platform mode: taken from TM Sunrise, this mode comes with 3 challenges for progressive difficulty!
- Puzzle mode: outrageous arcade racing action, along with the chance to solve some puzzles and get creative
- The original Racing mode and 3 technical tracks!

The TrackMania Original Demo has loads of features, with new solo play modes, new multi-player options, new construction blocks to use and loads more new extras. You'd be crazy not to get it and discover origins of the myth...

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