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TrainMasterTM 4.0 is a Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME based computer simulation model that realistically replicates actual train handling and locomotive response on real North American rail lines. 3D Out-the-cab view graphics and realistic sounds provide a unique sense and feel of actually operating a train. Against a moving panorama, scenery, speed restrictions, stations, signals, and grade crossings appear. You, as engineer, must operate the train and adhere to the operating rules, speed limits, and signal indications. Derail the train, and you crash and burn. If you run a red signal, your Engineer's License is revoked for all to see.

You can pan the moving scenery display - even look behind your train. You control the throttle, dynamic brake, train and engine brakes, horn, bell and sand. Time delays for air brakes to apply and release accurately reflect the characteristics of different trains. Braking forces realistically vary. Color spotlight signals represent those used by many railroads.

The cab-like lower screen displays a movable throttle, automatic, and independent brake handles; gauges for the train line, brake cylinder, and main reservoir air pressure; ammeter; speedometer; indicators for speed limits, location, distance traveled, fuel consumed, and acceleration. Realistic sounds replicate diesel engine noise, bell and horn.

Locomotive engineers have proclaimed the TrainMasterTM to be the most realistic PC-based retail simulator for replicating train operations and required actions by the operators.

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