Traitors Gate

Traitors Gate
Traitors Gate
Traitors Gate


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Traitors Gate is a first person adventure game that takes place in a faithfully recreated, photo realistic 3D replica of present day Tower of London. Over 5000 reference photos were taken to give the project the highest possible level of detail and authenticity.
Code named Raven, you play a top-secret government agent whose mission is to replace the
Crown Jewels with counterfeits to prevent the originals from being stolen by an ex-operative with high level access. Equipped with a variety of high-tech equipment you have only twelve hours to complete your mission. Using stealth and cunning, you must navigate your way through the numerous rooms of the Tower, and the sewers below, without being discovered.
With orders to avoid the guards and soldiers, and without disruption or harm to anyone or
anything, you must disable alarms systems and puzzle your way past obstacles in order to
complete your mission.

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