Tribes: Vengeance Single Player Demo


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Download the single-player demo of Tribes: Vengeance. In it, you play as Daniel, the leader of the Children of the Phoenix. He has come to the Imperial capital in order to gain an audience with the Emperor. The Emperor has granted his request, but first Daniel must successfully complete a traditional combat trial.

Game Info:
Tribes® is back with a vengeance. The ultimate high-flying, multiplayer battle experience returns with deadly new weapons, faster and more versatile flight, in-depth strategic team action, and the first-ever Tribes single-player campaign. On a relentless quest for revenge, the warrior princess Julia must unravel a bloody mystery that threatens to destroy the Empire. Through the eyes of six different characters on multiple timelines, this exciting and new single-player campaign immerses you in all the violent history at the heart of the Tribes universe.

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