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In 1938 the expedition of Ernst Sheffer, equipped by a Nazi occult organization Anenerbe belonging to SS, reached its point of destination - a Tibetan town Lhassa. Though Tibetan monks gave them a cordial welcome, Ernst failed to find things he was expected to, and had to return to Berlin empty-handed.

This could have happened…
The expedition arranged by SS department Ananerbe and headed by Ernst Sheffer found in Tibet the knowledge that enabled them to bring the dead back to life. After many years of experiments Sheffer found out that the shock that one experienced when he died endowed the mind with supernatural abilities. The decision was made to use these abilities to make Perfect Soldiers that were practically invulnerable, fearless. In fact they were terrible killer-machines. It took them many years to create a plant for animating the dead, but when it was completed, Sheffer discovered that the Perfect Soldiers source of strength was a real trouble. As a result of the death shock the part of the brain responsible for obedience and call of duty had mortified and the new soldiers were incapable of obeying and fulfilling orders. In the late summer of 1943 when Germany was losing the war in the front, Sheffer finally found a solution of the problem…

The most important points of the gameplay are simple control and game navigation, clearness and variety of tasks, simplicity of fulfilment methods, which are very easy to understand, graphic attractiveness and realism of the surroundings. Particular emphasis is put on the maximum varied game process that is quite familiar to the player and yet has a lot of innovations.

Game Features
Abundance of script scenes, and special effects
Active use of physical surroundings
Emotional system - kill fast and you could kill faster!
Special abilities like temporal shield and other
Hi-Fun gameplay with sci-fi elements
Shot 'em off! All outfit, like weapons, helmets, etc. are physical objects which are shot off during the battle and fall off when a monster dies
Rag-doll that stands up - unique technology that allows monsters to stand up after fair physical fall!
Melee fights

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