Unreal Tournament Tactical Ops mod - beta 1.5


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Tactical Ops is a Realistic Unreal Tournament Teamplay modification, where a Special Forces team will battle to the death with a group of terrorists. Once one team has been wiped out, both teams will be given cash. With this money you can buy new weapons, items and inventory. At the start of a game you will be asked to select a team, either "Special Forces" or "Terrorists". If you choose the elite Special Forces team, you will have to stop the terrorists from killing hostages and escaping to certain points of a map, but, on the other hand, you could choose to be the low down dirty terrorists and stop the Special Forces from rescuing hostages and preventing you from escaping! Either team, its a fight to the death. Throughout the game you can also pick up evidence, such as cocaine and bundles of money, which if you are a member of the Special Forces can be used against the Terrorists in a court of law and if you are a terrorist can be given back to your gang leader, either way you will be rewarded.

This mod is still at "beta" status. The mod is not final; there might still be bugs and glitches in it, which will be fixed in later betas. As well as fixing new bugs, more levels, game play elements and of course more guns will also be added! As the mod progresses you will see some big and some small changes, but both will bring you a better and less buggy mod.

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