Virtual Sailor


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Virtual Sailor simulates the entire the marine environment and makes a complete sailing experience, it's main features are:

Accurate waves dynamics from above water level and below.
Accurate sailboat and motorboat dynamics.
Accurate and dynamic sailing sounds.
Fully controllable weather and sea conditions.
Diverse and adjustable marine life.
Uses many special effects for simulating day or night marine environment.
Huge land and sea environment based on real topographic data.
Simulates race with other boats including wind shadow effects.
Multiplayer capability for online sailing and racing in an extremely immersive environment.
Built using the latest technology in 3D graphic acceleration, sound mixing and multiplay.
Advanced yet easy to use virtual environment, allowing 360 degrees look around.
Advanced yet simple to use program without the use of many technical trems.
A simulation that is truly built to expand using open formats for all files.

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