Virtual Stratton


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Stratton provided the mountain and Slingshot provided its expertise in building video games to bring you the most dynamic way to view a mountain short of being there. Now instead of a static trail map or resort cam you can move around the real topography of the mountain. Virtual Stratton is a moving map and trail guide, a quick fix mountain session, and tons of fun.

Using state-of-the art 3D rendering technology from the Soul Ride game engine, you will experience visuals unlike anything you have seen before in a PC game. This is not a collection of linear tracks, this is an open-ended, virtual world which may be explored at your leisure, however you wish.

On top of that it's a great game too. Drop in at your favorite runs, take a turn in the half-pipe or try out the boardercross run on your own terms. The Mountain is all yours. Virtual Stratton has six runs, which you can race down and pull off tricks to get the best scores. Check it out, play it and see how great Stratton is both virtually and in reality.

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