Warlords IV: Heroes of Etheria Demo


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This demo for Warlords IV lets you play parts of the single player & miltiplayer portions of this strategy game.

Game Features:

STS: Speed Tactical System - Innovative new combat resolution system which greatly speeds up combat and allows unit control of traditional tactical combat systems without the micromanagement of movement of units and terrain effects.

Terrain - All new lush 3D rendered height-mapped terrain. Dozens of terrain and animation effects.

Persistent Warlords - Your Warlord improves after every battle, and the same Warlord can be used in campaign, skirmish or multiplayer. There are a huge number of development options for a Warlord.

Enhanced Computer AI - The AI gives you unparalleled and incredibly cunning opponents.

A New Campaign - Battle your way through dozens of mysterious lands in our open-ended campaign. You can play in singleplayer or multiplayer while trying to solve the Sorceress' riddle and save Etheria.

Unique Multiplayer Features - STS combat will allow faster gameplay for both allied play and free-for-all (up to 8 players) over the Internet.

Ten Different Sides - Ten unique sides all feature their own buildings, units, and playing styles.

Spells - Over 70 spells with amazing graphical effects.

Over 130 Different Units - That's a huge number of fantasy creatures and Heroes for a strategy game. Each one can gain levels and become more powerful, possibly even joining your Warlord's retinue and persisting with him from battle to battle.

CD Quality Orchestral Score - Almost half an hour of original celtic/orchestral music provides a soundtrack to your epic accomplishments.

Quests - A detailed quest system that adds an RPG feel to all of your battles.

Editor - A full map editor is included with the game.

Magic Items - Over 100 unique magical artifacts to empower your Heroes.

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