World War 2: Frontline Command Demo


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World War 2: Frontline Command Demo:

This is a demo for the latest project by the Bitmap Brothers.

In this demo, you can play one mission which is set in the Netherlands. Your objective is to command a US Army force and to capture a village, which is currently held by the Germans.


World War II: Frontline Command is a squad-based action real time strategy game that captures the heroism of World War II's most significant battles.

As a commander of Allied forces in Europe in the last year of World War II, players enter into combat with the Axis forces and drive the enemy back deep inside its own territory. With a full range of authentic troops and equipment at your disposal, become a master of the battlefield to ensure final victory.


Simple, click and drag controls and user-friendly interface ensures easy "pick up and play" gameplay. Intuitive from the start, WWII: Frontline Command is perfect for the RTS first-timer. Also offers advanced controls and techniques for the experienced player.

Incorporates the Frontline system, which indicates the player's line of sight as well as the morale of the troops. The Unit morale system responds to the horrors and triumphs of war, providing for realistic and dramatic gameplay.

Single player campaign game featuring 25 missions, starting with the initial allied assault on June 6th 1944 and ending at Hitler's lair in mountainous southern Germany. The close of the campaign will see the player pitted against crack German Army units with authentic experimental hardware.

Full 3D environments featuring collapsible buildings, deforming landscapes, fire and smoke effects, excellent water effects.

Adaptive and highly intelligent AI system that allows the enemy to react convincingly to your manoeuvres.

Full basic training area for new players to learn their skills before taking to the field.

Multiplayer support for up to eight players, with the option to play on single player campaign levels or specially designed multiplayer maps

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