X Motor Racing Demo v1.12


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X-Motor Racing is designed for racing enthusiasts all around the world.
Our goal is to develop innovation and advanced racing simulator with tools for understanding/tuning vehicle physics.
Now X-Motor Racing is a racing simulator and the tools to create cars and tracks. VehiclePhysics utility that allows tune almost every aspect of the vehicle dynamics.

Changes from 1.11 to 1.12:

- Added MHRT vehicle
- Added three tracks
- Added a QUICK PHYSICS tool that allows to tweak
* steering system
* camber/toe angles
* brakes torques/balance
* suspension properties like stiffness, anti-roll, bump/rebound damping
* transmission
* tire properties
- Added Traction Control and Stability Control Program.
- Added support for D-BOX motion platform
- Improved tire model like characteristic of the lateral velocity and temperature
- Vehicle Physics changed
- Exporting telemetry data into a text file
- FF code changed
- Replay improvements
- HDR improvements
- Cockpit improvements

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