Xpand Rally SP Demo


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Techland released today an official SP demo of its forthcoming rally racer.
Players will be able to race in Arcade or Simulation mode on three tracks in any of the two cars included. Full user adjusted day time customization and dynamic weather changes are also available. The demo allows for full car settings adjustment and provides access to all tuning parts available in the full version. Replays processing and saving option, with several cameras and post processing effects are also available in the demo.

The retail version of the game offers 30 plus tracks and over 70 races in career mode, 35 rally cars in eight divisions and over 800 tuning parts to choose from. Multiplayer game with up to 4 players on LAN and Internet with several racing modes including off road free style. For all moding enthusiasts a set of editing tools allowing the creation of users' own tracks and cars is also provided with the game.

For more info on Xpand Rally please follow the download tab above.

If you want to try out the game online, download the Xpand Rally Multiplayer Demo.

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