Dungeon Siege

[[The fantasy world]]Dungeon Siege is an action fantasy role-playing game that combines the immersive elements of a role-playing game (RPG) with the intensity of a real-time strategy (RTS) game. Dungeon Siege will plunge players into a gigantic, continuous 3D fantasy world where they adventure to discover what evil has befallen the land.

The world of Dungeon Siege is one gigantic, continuous world where you can seamlessly journey from the highest mountain to the deepest dungeon without ever stopping to watch a "loading screen". [images]Filled with a myriad of amazing locations to explore-from strange and mysterious castles to sinister secret underground lairs-you'll soon become totally immersed in the fantasy of the world that surrounds you.Dungeon Siege pushes the role-playing game (RPG) envelope with fully animated 3D characters, over-the-top battles, intense special effects, and awe-inspiring vertical landscapes. With true 3D environments, a particle system for effects and spells, and dungeons that can extend in all three dimensions, Chris Taylor and Gas-Powered Games are injecting the RPG genre with the same level of intensity found in RTS games. [[The game]]Dungeon Siege takes full advantage of the RTS gaming experience with a broad array of familiar game controls like drag select, waypoints, and formations.

It's not easy saving the world, but it helps to have friends-lots of them. In Dungeon Siege, you can customize your party to your liking and have the option to include up to 10 fellow cohorts in the adventure of a lifetime, picking up valuable characters along the way (and dropping dead weight if you need to). [images]Want a party heavy in magic, then bring along all the sorcerers you can find. If you're more of a solo artist, then recruit a trusty group of henchmen or a pack mule to help haul your loot.

Dungeon Siege will support up to 10 players via LAN or the MSN Gaming Zone, with players taking part in both "short game" multiplayer experiences, such as capture the castle; and the more traditional, widely played "campaign style of play.

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