1964 v0.84


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The N64 emulator 1964 was updated and released.

Here's Whats new:

-A lot of work on stability. Many GUI bugs fixed.
-Several core bugs fixed.
-Tons of ini work by Duncan and cheats by emu64 cheats staff.
-Fixed inevitible game freezes from 0.8.3 due to dyna buffer overruns and audio thread desync

-SRAM now works properly. This is for saves in numerous games. (ex: Zelda Ocarina of Time)

-"Use TLB" did not write to the ini properly.
-Banjo Tooie support (requires pj64's rsp.dll)
-Now compiled under Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
-A new toolbar
-Many other enhancements and fixes

Additional release notes:
-For stability reasons, Jabo's DirectSound will NOT work in 1964. It is not a bug with the plugin or the emulator. It is an issue of incompatibility.

Other Completed Tasks:
-zlib updated to 1.1.4
-Kaillera updated to 0.9
-Disable all accelerators in full screen except, cheat apply, reset, pause, stop, and changewindow.

-When rom is running, disable menus/buttons that will open a web browser.