3DNes V1.3


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Play Nes In 3D With Your Own Imagination

Whats new in Version 1.3 :
emulation accuracy improvement, more mappers, better sound quality, no more input/sound lag

We all want to quickly enjoy the perfect 3d experience from old nes games. And here is the best way to do:
- Go to the repositoty
- Grab a 3dn file of the game you want and put it in the rom folder
- Change its name to match rom file, (if you already have the mario.nes rom then change the 3dn file name to mario.3dn).
- Launch 3dnes, open rom file then here we go!
You want more 3dn files to select? Please share your work. It's not necessary a complete one. Someone will pick it up and add more refinement.

- Participate in the evolution of the 3Dification technology
- Play nes games with the true 3D graphic
- Play with any resolution supported by your PC, window or full screen mode
- Mono or Stereo Sound
- Customize the graphic whatever way you want
- Share/Get 3dn customization at the 3dn repositoty

PC Requirements:
3DNes runs smoothly with CoreM 800MHz + Intergrated Card Laptop in FullHD resolution so it should run fine in any 4,5 year old computer without any problem

- Keyboard&Mouse
Func Left Right Up Down A B Select Start Rotation Zoom
Input Left Right Up Down X Z Space Enter Click&Drag Scroll
- Gamepad: just plug and play, use Left-Right Bumper-Trigger for rotation

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