Apollo v0.03


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N64 emulator for the PC.

------------------- (Last updated 11-23-2001)
- November 23rd, 2001 - -=Seventh Release=- (v0.03)
- Rewrote TLB Exception Handling
- Rewrote Interrupt/Exception Processing
- Fixed timing a bit (credits to zilmar)
- Fixed Register Settings on bootup
- Fixed Jabo 1.40 plugin issue
- Began Dynarec (disabled in release)
- Added 4KB Option (For Yoshi Story and Perfect Dark)
- Added 8MB RDRAM limit violation detection (for Expansion Pak detect)
- Fixed N64DD issue (dummy emulation mode) (credits to F|RES)
- Better handling of ROM Writes (credits to zilmar)
- Implemented Event Handling (useful for delayed PI/SI)
- Improved Audio Interfacing slightly
- Fixed plugins interfacing bug (I hope)
- Modified SaveStates (old ones should STILL work)
- Added .pal, .jap, etc. extension for loading from zip files/rom load
- Bypass of RSP opcode in RSP interpretive. This fixed Bottom of the 9th.
- Last release until Post-Christmas