Atari 800Win Plus V3.1


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The Atari-8bit emulator has updated with lots of new features and not to mention online support via Kailera, Here's the following changes:


Play your favourite Atari game across network! Select Input/Network game to join or create a game. The first player (game creator) has an exclusive control over the keyboard. A network game may be started from a saved-state file, cartridge image, executable file, disk image or tape image. Read How to use Kaillera first.

Sector counter (View/Show/Sector counter to activate this feature). Thanks to Paul Irvine for the idea.

There is a new Do not allow activating attract mode option in the Advanced Atari Settings dialog box.
The "attract" mode is often called the "screen-saver" mode. Thanks go to Larry White for the idea and detailed explanations and to Piotr Fusik for a smart attract-disabling routine (transparent for non-system games and demos).

There is the possibility to set a different screen refresh frequency for full speed mode (see the
Performance Options dialog box).

Scroll Lock key may be used for turning the "keysticks" off and on.

The name of attached disk image is displayed on the status bar after using File/Turn disk (Alt+N) (thanks to Piotr Fusik for the idea).

Trainer settings ("unlimited lives") may be saved to and restored from a file (see the Cheat Options window). Thanks to Michal Garbaciak for the idea.


When the emulator is about to turn off the video or sound recording, the user is requested to confirm
the action.

Some GUI changes for new Atari800 kernel features.


A nasty bug causing emulation slowdown when using "keysticks" has been fixed. Thanks to Michal Kowalski for the bug report.

Fixed problems with some keys being improperly detected by the emulator when using "keysticks".

There were some problems when trying to exit from the monitor under certain circumstances (thanks to Piotr Fusik for the bug report).

State indicators should be properly positioned regardless of currently used desktop screen resolution.

Fixed some problems with keys assigning when preparing keyboard templates (thanks to Ron Fucci for the bug report).

Ctrl+Help and Shift+Help keystrokes are properly recognized by the emulator (freeze option in Q-Meg finally works, thanks to Daniel Kozminski for the bug report).

A few other errors.