Atari800 v1.2.2


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Atari 5200/800 emulator.

*** New features:

o support for Express, Diamond, SpartaDOS X, XEGS, Action!, BASIC XL
and other cartridge types (see cart.txt for complete list).
The "-cart" option runs CART files and all types of raw images.
"-rtime 0" disables emulation of R-Time 8.
Thanks to:
- Jindroush, who described most of the cartridge types
- Nir Dary, for information on 8*8 KB D50x and OSS 'M091' cartridges

o mouse can emulate following devices
(in parentheses the option that enables emulation):
- paddles (-mouse pad)
- Atari Touch Tablet (-mouse touch)
- Koala Pad (-mouse koala)
- Light Pen (-mouse pen)
- Light Gun (-mouse gun)
- Amiga mouse (-mouse amiga)
- Atari ST mouse (-mouse st)
- Atari Trak-Ball (-mouse trak)
- joystick (-mouse joy)
For Atari 5200 you can use "-mouse pad" (good for Gorf and Kaboom)
or "-mouse joy" (good for Missile Command and Super Breakout).
Use "-mouseport <1-4>" to select the Atari port.
Use "-mousespeed <1-9>" to select speed (default is 3).

(see the changes text for complete list!)