BoycottAdvance v0.2.6fix


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Boycott emulates GB games & Boycott Advance emulates GBA.

What is new - BoycottAdvance v0.2.6fix

Project started February 2001

- (WIN32) Add option to select FLASHROM ID (Gollum)
- (WIN32) Add support for MagicKeyboard TM [DISABLED] (Gollum)
- (WIN32) Add Sound Recording in MP3 file format (Gollum)
- (WIN32) Add option to select a BIOS file (Gollum)
- (WIN32) Fixes WAV recording to allow sound logging for each game (Gollum)
- (WIN32) Fixes movies support to allow a movie for each game (Gollum)
- (WIN32) Add support for movies (Gollum)
- (WIN32) Add nine more slots for load/save states (Gollum)
- (WIN32) Improve the news & history dialog (Gollum)
- (WIN32) Add reverse stereo support (Gollum)
- (WIN32) Change joystick initialization (Gollum)
- (WIN32) Add/Fixes Sound Recording in WAV file format (Gollum)
- (WIN32) Fixes command line support thanks to FinalBurn's Dave (Gollum)
- Add support for FLASHROM identification (Gollum)
- Fixes FLASHROM identification [Magical Vacation/Golden Sun] (Gollum)
- Fixes MSR opcode [PocketNes] (Gollum)
- Add BIOS call 4 [Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius] (Gollum)
- Fixes HBLANK interrupts thanks to Forgotten [Advance GTA/Hot Wheels: Burnin' Rubber/Andrew May Mode 7] (Gollum)
- Fixes DMA transfers in 16/32 bits (Gollum)
- Fixes BIOS memory access [Rocket Power Dream Scheme/The Wild Thornberrys: Chimp Chase/Ogre Tactics] (Gollum)
- Fixes SRAM/FLASHROM emulation [Golden Sun] (Gollum)
- Fixes FLASHROM emulation (Gollum)
- Fixes misaligned 16bit memory reads (Gollum)
- Fixes Mode 5 display [Engine Software Voxel] (Gollum)
- Fixes registers initialization [Eurasia Intro Normal] (Gollum)
- Fixes misaligned memory reads [Predator Development's FMV Player] (Gollum)
- Fixes ROM loading again (Gollum)
- Add support for 128Mbits roms (requires 8MB extra memory) [Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 6 Expert 2/Snap Kids] (Gollum)
- Fixes BAM movie support palette bug (Gollum)
- Improve BAM movie support to start at any time (Richard Bannister)
- Add support for movie recording/replaying in BAM file format (Gollum)
- Version Numbers are now MacOS compliant (Richard Bannister)
- Fixes sound buffer for SDL portability (Niels Wagenaar)
- Add reverse stereo support (Gollum)
- Fixes source code for portability issues (Niels Wagenaar)