Calice32 v0.5.4


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Calice is a very powerful & fast Capcom CPS-1 and CPS-2 emulator.

0.5.2 Release:

Added Striker 1945 Plus
Added Rockman 2 (Japan)
Added Street Fighter Zero 2 (Asia 960227)
Added Marvel Super Heroes (Asia 951024)
Added Darkstalkers (Asia 940705)
Added Vampire Savior (Euro 970519)
Added Nightmare in the Dark (Encrypted gfx)
Added Metal Slug 3 (not encrypted)
Added Prehistoric Isle 2 (Encrypted gfx)
Added The King of Fighters 2000 (Decrypted set)
Fixed 3 wonders puzzle part
Fixed small palette bug
Multi-thread load game dialog
Blit performance increase in fullscreen modes
Added V-liner thanks to elsemi (neogeo)
No scanlines fullscreen video plugin
Fixed golden axe player selection screen bug (system16)
Fixed shadow dancer movie (system18)
Added big karnark (gaelco)
Added biomechanical toy (gaelco)
Added support for gaelco system 1
Added ym2610 emulation for neogeo games
Slightly better sega system18 emulation
Added speed control support for sega games
Switched to 555 palette instead of the old 444 (neogeo)
Added a display all/only available games option
Fixed a bug in the unified controllers plugins (USB gamepad problem)