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Callus is a DOS/DirectX based emulator for the Capcom System 1 hardware.

Final Fight (US and Jap),
Street Fighter II The World Warriors (US and Jap)
Street Fighter II Championship Edition (US and Jap)
Street Fighter II Turbo (US and Jap),
Street Fighter II Rainbow Edition (pirate)
Strider (US and Jap),
UN Squadron (US) and Area88 (Jap),
Carrier Air Wing (US and Jap)
Three Wonders (US) and Wonder 3 (Jap),
Captain Commando (US and Jap),
King of Dragons (US and Jap),
Willow (US and Jap),
Knights of the Round (US and Jap),
Magic Sword (US and Jap),
Megatwins (US) and Chiki Chiki Boys (Jap),
1941 (US and Jap),
Rockman The Power Battle (Jap),
Nemo (US and Jap),
Varth (US and Jap),
Quiz and Dragons (US and Jap),
Mercs (US) and Senjyo no Ookami II (Jap),
Punisher (US and Jap),
Warriors of Fate (US and Jap),
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs,
Muscle Bomber Duo (US and Jap),
Pnickies (Jap),
Dynasty Wars (Jap),
Capcom World 2 (Jap),
Ghouls 'n Ghosts (US) and Daimakaimura (Jap)