DreamEmu 0.02


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The second emulator in existence for dreamcast. Focusing on whatever the user wants first.

Its not a mind-blowing release or anything, just something for u to try and keep you occupied for a few minutes :). Most of the info is in the readme.txt, but if you are like me and never read readme's, here are the most important details. 1: Faster and more accurate CPU. 2: 2D video output is improved. 3: Some software works other than the Sega logo. 4: YOU MUST USE A 16 BIT COLOUR DEPTH ON YOUR DESKTOP! You can download supported software in the downloads section.
Almost full CPU emulation (approx. 30 opcodes need to be added)
FPU emulation started
Most PowerVR registers identifed and emulated
2D Graphics Output from VRAM using Direct Draw
Detailed Memory Map drawn up
Disassembler complete apart from FPU opcodes
Register debugger - contains some SH-4 Registers and PowerVR registers
Debug Console - basic debug console showing errors etc.
Translate instuction function from Hex to Mnemonic (some errors)
IP.BIN display and editor
Tiny Ini file