Emu Loader V5.6.2


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This great frontend for the Dos MAME version (win), EmuLoader, was updated this week with a new binary update!

Here's whats new :

• Front-end crashes on some systems with Vista x64 and 4GB RAM
• Updates to ''ini_filesmame_filters.ini'' file
• Disabled AAE setup screen to avoid messing with ''aae.ini'' file and due to the fact that you can configure the emulator directly in its own menu (why re-invent the wheel, right ?)
• Some minor improvements on some screens and popup menus
• none
• Expanded the ''CHD'' games filter with more options:
• ''Hard-Drive'' -> games that use a hard-drive device (ide, scsi, disk)
• ''Laserdisc'' -> games that use a laserdisc media
• ''CD-ROM'' -> games that use a CD-ROM media
• ''GD-ROM'' -> games that use a GD-ROM media
• New file to detect CHD correctly based on new CHD filters: ''ini_fileschd_mediatypes.ini''.
This file contains a list of tags found on MAME's ''listxml'' output, and it's a temporary fix. If there is one or more tags missing, you can add them into this file
New Sega games filters:
• Sega Naomi GD-ROM
• Sega Naomi 2
• Sega Naomi 2 GD-ROM
New files:
-> folder: ''resourcesmain_iconsarcade_filters'' ''chd_hd.ico'', ''chd_laserdisc.ico'', ''chd_cdrom.ico'', ''chd_gdrom.ico'' ''naomigd.ico'', ''naomi2.ico'', ''naomi2gd.ico''