Emukon v1.05


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Emukon, once called eSMS, is an advanced Sega Master System and Game Gear emulator for Windows. It includes a powerful debugger and provides high compatibility. The current version uses DOZE, Marat6502 and ZLib. Please note: Emukon currently uses DirectDraw and makes use of stretchblits, which do not work correctly on some recent drivers (especially from nVidia).

News for v1.05

- Renamed eSMS to Emukon
- -debug command line option
- right click into label window to add or remove a breakpoint
- Added File->Reload ROM
- in windowed video mode, the mouse can now be moved out of the window
- brighter palette
- sms soft pause button is now mapped to the gg start button, the p-key is always hard-pause, no more alt+p
- added multiple screenshots options
- added frameskipping options
- resizeable file requesters
- added netplay via Kaillera (still experimental)
- fixed Code Masters mapper emulation
- bug fixes