eSMS 1.03v


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eSMS is a Sega Master System and Game Gear emulator. It runs on win32 and needs DirectX7+. It includes a nice GUI, a cool debugger and some video filters. It runs most games flawlessly if your computer is fast enough (200MHz)

List of changes:

*not using SDL anymore
*Joypad/joystick buttons now have to be configured
*Added window background picture (you asked for it)
*Added 32 bpp and windowed video mode
*Added filerequester keyboard control
*Added NO$GMB symbol file support
*Improved the debugger
*Added debugger label support
*Added AVI video recorder (please report errors)
*Added sound options
*Added movie logger messaging
*Improved the tiles, tilemap and memory viewers
*Improved the VGM logger, auto loop trimming is much better