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FB Alpha or FBA as it is commonly known is an emulator of arcade games, that is, it takes the program code, graphics data, etc., from an original arcade game and emulates the hardware to make the game run in it's original form. As far as the game is concerned it is running in it's original cabinet.

FB Alpha is an open-source project and it is programmed by a group of people known as the FBA Team. Over the years this has comprised of myself, Jan_Klaassen, KEV, LoopMaster, Mike Haggar, Hyper Yagami and Ayeye. FB Alpha is based on the original FinalBurn by Dave.
Currently, FB Alpha supports games on Capcom CPS-1 and CPS-2 hardware, SNK Neo-Geo hardware, Toaplan hardware, Cave hardware, and various games on miscellaneous hardware. Recent releases have started to add back in Sega System 16 emulation which I am writing from scratch.
Here's the whats new;
* Added a sample player to the Burn library to allow external samples to used with drivers [iq_132]
* Added a module to display LEDs on screen [iq_132]
* Ported MAME's M6805 core and added an interface for it to the burn library [iq_132]
* Added an interface to the M68705 core for Taito games [iq_132]
* Enabled the Y8950 emulation in fmopl.c and created a module for it in the burn library [Barry]
* Fixed VSynch support in all blitters [Captain CPS-X]
* Added a RGB hex display to the Palette Viewer [Barry]
* Added support to the System 16 FD1094 interface for multiple CPUs [Barry]
* Added memory callback support to the HD6309 core interface [Barry]
* Added custom tile size support to the Generic Tiles Rendering module [Barry]
* Added generic rendering for games using transparency tables [iq_132]
* Added support to the Namco Sound module for stereo sound and fixed the mono output [iq_132]
* Added CUS30 handling to the Namco Sound module [iq_132]
* Enabled m6803_internal_register_r in the M6800 CPU core [iq_132]
* Added driver for Air Buster [iq_132]
* Added driver for games on Angel Kids hardware [iq_132]
* Added driver for Baraduke [iq_132]
* Added driver for Egg Hunt [iq_132]
* Added driver for Fairy Land Story [iq_132]
* Added driver for Ginga NinkyouDen [iq_132]
* Hooked up the Y8950 sound in Ginga NinkyouDen [Barry]
* Added driver for games on Lady Bug hardware [iq_132]
* Added driver for Markham [iq_132]
* Added driver for Mogura Desse [iq_132]
* Added driver for Pushman [iq_132]
* Added driver for Sky Kid [iq_132]
* Added driver for Speed Spin [iq_132]
* Added driver for Asuka & Asuka and similar games on Taito hardware [iq_132 (thanks to JackC for testing)]
* Added driver for Welltris [iq_132]
* Added clone of 1942 to the 1942 driver [Barry]
* Added clone of Arkanoid to the Arkanoid driver [Barry]
* Enabled clones of Arkanoid that require the M68705 CPU [iq_132][
* Added bootleg of Final Fight to the CPS-1 driver [Barry]
* Added clone of Pang 3 to the CPS-1 driver [Barry]
* Added Street Fighter 2 (Double K.O. Turbo II) bootleg to the CPS-1 driver [iq_132]
* Added clone of Dark Stalkers to the CPS-2 driver [Barry]
* Added clone of Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara to the CPS-2 driver [Barry]
* Added clone of Hyper Street Fighter 2 to the CPS-2 driver [Barry]
* Added clone of Mega Man 2 to the CPS-2 driver [Barry]
* Added clone of Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo to the CPS-2 driver [Barry]
* Rewrote the Dec0 driver from scratch (currently preliminary) [Barry]
* Added Dark Tower to the Double Dragon driver [Barry]
* Added clone of Moon Cresta to the Galaxian driver [Barry]
* Added clone of Scramble to the Galaxian driver [Barry]
* Added WOW New Fantasia to the Gals Panic driver [BisonSAS]
* Added clone of Ghosts n' Goblins to the Ghost's n' Goblins driver [Barry]
* Added clone of X-Men to the Konami driver [Barry]
* Added clone of Airwolf to the Kyugo driver [Barry]
* Added clone of Last Duel to the Mad Gear driver [Barry]
* Added clone of King of Fighters '95 to the Neo-Geo driver [iq_132]
* Added clone of Samurai Shodown II to the Neo-Geo driver [Barry]
* Added clone of Samurai Shodown IV to the Neo-Geo driver [Barry]
* Added Ironclad to the the Neo-Geo driver [iq_132]
* Added kof96ep, kof97pla, kf2k1pls, kf2k1pa, cthd2k3a, kf2k2plb, kf2k2plc, kf2k4pls, mslug5b, kof96cn, kof96ae, kof97cn, kof97xt, kof98ae and kf2k2ps2 to the Neo-Geo driver [Barry]
* Added Popeye-Man to the Pacman driver [Barry]
* Added preliminary driver for Rally X [Barry]
* Added clone of Alien Syndrome to the Sega System 16B driver [Barry]
* Added clone of Super Hang-On to the Sega Hang-On driver (enabled in debug builds only because it doesn't work) [Barry]
* Added clone of Mega Blast to the Taito F2 driver [Barry]
* Enabled clones of Tiger Heli that require the M68705 core [iq_132]
* Added Demon World, Fire Shark, Rally Bike, and Vimana to the Toaplan-1 driver [iq_132]
* Added Knuckle Bash 2 to the Toaplan-2 driver [iq_132]
* Added clone of Outzone to the Toaplan-1 driver [Barry]
* PGM Changes [iq_132]
o 02-27-2010
+ Added kov2a and kov2b (kov2b is disabled) partially dumped sets
+ Thanks to JackC for helping sort a few sets.
o 12-05-2009
+ Added Happy6in1 (XingXing)
+ Added newer 68k bios (XingXing)
+ Added fake dip switch to switch beween 68k bios versions
+ Added kovsh103 (XingXing)
+ Added martmastc102 (XingXing)
+ Added region dips for martmastc102
+ Added proper dump for demon front (alt) (XingXing)
+ Added several pgm bootleg/hacks from MAME Plus
+ Added proper dump for orlegendc
+ Labeled region dips as "fake" as they are really hacks since PGM games usually have their regions supplied by the protection devices.
* Corrected the CPU clocks in the Outrun driver as per MAME 0.135u4 [Barry]
* Fixed a memory issue when exiting the CPS-1 driver [iq_132]
* Fixed a crash when loading games in the Blood Bros. driver [BisonSAS and iq_132]
* Fixed graphics in My Angel 2 [iq_132]
* Emulated the M68705 in Legend of Kage rather than simulate it [iq_132]
* Added layer disable to the CPS-3 driver [iq_132]
* Fixed CPS-3 sound synch when using non-standard frame rates [Captain CPS-X]
* Fixed a romname in mslug4nd [kenshiro]
* Fixed init bug in Guardians in the Seta-2 driver [kenshiro]
* Added UniCode titles and fixed some details in the Cross Pang driver [BisonSAS]
* Fixed crash in the D-Con driver [BisonSAS and iq_132]
* Corrected dipswitches in the F-1 Grand Prix driver [BisonSAS
* Fixed graphics in Fantasia II (Less Explicit) in the Gals Panic driver [BisonSAS]
* Fixed crash in Ultra Balloon (SunA16 driver) [Bruce Lee and iq_132]
* Various fixes in the Tao Taido driver [BisonSAS]
* Added a new support file importer module [Captain CPS-X]
* Added option to use a background image in the menu bar [Captain CPS-X]
* Updated the jukebox and improved Neo-Geo support [Captain CPS-X]
* Converted the driver list generation perl script to C++ and changed the documentation output to HTML [Captain CPS-X]
* Fixed an issue when loading tracklists in the jukebox [Captain CPS-X]
* Updated the megadrive driver to the latest one generated from the database on barryharris.me.uk [Barry]
* Matched all sets to MAME 0.136u3 [Barry]
* Updated libpng to version 1.4.0 [Barry]
* Fixed a MSVC compile issue with the latest libpng [Captain CPS-X]