FCE Ultra v0.76


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FCE Ultra is an NTSC and PAL Famicom/NES emulator for DOS, Windows and Linux. It is based upon Bero's original FCE source code.

Current features include good PPU, CPU, pAPU, expansion chip, and joystick emulation. Also a feature unique to this emulator(at the current time) is authentic Game Genie emulation! Save states and snapshot features also have been implemented. The VS Unisystem is emulated as well.

What is new:

* Added/Fixed support for iNES mapper 248.
* Fixed several bugs in the Namco 106 extra sound channel emulation
code. Games using this chip sound much better now. Thanks to
"Mamiya" and "Applepie" for help.
* When an NSF file is being played, FCE Ultra will no longer go through
its scanline rendering loop. This speeds up NSF playback
* Fixed some iNES mapper 18 IRQ counter emulation bugs.
"Ninja Jajamaru Ginga Dai Sakusen" now works.
* Rewrote large pieces of the iNES mapper 64 emulation code.
* Changed the way CPU/PPU cycle timing/counting is done. This should
have no affect on NTSC emulation, but PAL emulation is more accurate
* Changed the behavior of indirect indexed CPU instructions to behave
more like they do on a real NES.
* Added support for double buffering and waiting for vertical blank.
* Changed the behavior of the menu hiding/showing code. Now when
the menu is disabled, the window style will stay the same.
* Cleaned up the window resizing code.