FCEUltra v0.98.12


Total votes: 40


Win32: Fixed the behavior of the sound logging function.

Fixed a bug that was causing 2xscale/3xscale to be broken
when clipping the leftmost and rightmost 8 columns.

Added an iNES header correction entry for JustBreed.

Modified the MMC5 "ELROM" board emulation to not emulate WRAM.

Corrected various pieces of code that were causing compiler warnings.

Win32: Scaling settings(x, y, stretch to fill screen) are now respected while
using a special scaler in full screen mode, though if x or y scale is
less than what is needed for a particular scaler, it will be

Win32: The window will be reblitted when it becomes invalidated while
a game is loaded(such as when you're resizing the window).

When the PPU is in a "dead" state after starting up, the graphics
buffer is now cleared. Previously, particularly in the Windows port, when
a game was closed, and a new game was loaded, the last image from
the previous game would be displayed for a short time.

Win32: Blit skipping will now occur when sound is disabled and FCE Ultra is
running behind the desired frame rate.

Win32: Blit-skipping behavior can now be configured to some extent in the "Timing" configuration

Win32: Added a "Recent Directories" submenu to the "File" menu.

Removed some debugging code that shouldn't have been enabled in 0.98.11.