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FCEUXD SP is a NES Emulator based on the source code of FCE Ultra eXtended-Debug 1.0a.
Its only goal is to improve the debugging experience of NES roms.

List of changes:

- New: Added hotkey F6 to open hex window.
- New: Added bookmarks to the hex window.
- New: Debugging data like breakpoints or bookmarks are automatically saved and restored when games are closed / opened.
- New: Increased the size of the mouse-over information area below the diassembly window
- New: Added name list file information for addresses to the mouse-over information area
- New: It's now possible to give breakpoints a brief description/name.
- Bugfix: Inline Assembler works for all lines again.
- Bugfix: Deleting breakpoints correctly updates breakpoint conditions now.