Final Burn v0.2.94.96


Total votes: 44

This is the latest verson of FBA.
This new version includes support for Neogeo hardware, and should be considered alpha as we expect there to be a few bugs. The most noticable bug is the current lack of sound in CPS-1 games.

*Added drivers for Neogeo games
*Added drivers for Cave games
*Added drivers for Rainbow Islands
*Added support for X-Arcade joystick
*Improved compatibility of the Direct3D blitter, and added new options
*Added 3x macros for Street Fighter 2 style games
*Added 4-point interpolation to the ADPCM sound cores
*Note: FBA requires DirectX 7 and Windows 98 or above. The Direct3D blitter does not work with Voodoo-based videocards