Gens32 Surreal v1.20


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What is Gens32? It is a emulator for Genesis. More Specificly, it enables your computer to play games originaly ment to be played on a genesis console.

Gens32 is based on Stef's emulater called Gens. Gens32 adds many new and amusing functions. Many of them you have never seen before. Gens32 has 3 editions; Here is a simple list to show you the difference between them:

What's New:
1)Redesigned Menus.

2)Enjoy BGM mode added.

3)Fetch Game system added.

4)Indicator light for signal Game Playing/Mouse Enable.

5)Load GG Code/Save As GG code option added.

6)More filters added.

7)Restored Render Plugin system.

8)Check Rom Info option restored.