Goomba Color - Alpha 1


Total votes: 36

"Here it is, an early possibly-buggy alpha version of Goomba Color. Savestates are broken.
Mario Golf works great!

Double Speed mode was added, then removed because Double Speed means Double CPU Usage, and ran at Half Speed for most games. Then there's Pokemon Card Game, which runs at normal speed only when Double Speed mode is on.

I regret to inform you of an important casualty of the race for excellence. Super Mario Land has been mutulated beyond belief, and is no longer playable. *plays TAPS, bows head downwards*

Sorry Chishm, Conker's Pocket Tails is not yet supported."

List of Changes:
*Changed memory system to support bankswitching to 4k resolution
*Identifies to game as a Gameboy Color
*Added VRAM bankswitching
*Added RAM bankswitching
*Added partial HDMA
*Added extended attributes per tile and sprite
*Added background colors
*Added sprite colors
*Rearranged tilemaps in vram
*Removed support for borders
*Added Raster effects for Window layer
*Moved to 4-layer drawing system
*Draws solid background tiles below the layers to allow color 0 to be visible
*Replaces one layer with the GUI when necessary
*Added Double Speed mode, but it's disabled now