imbNES 1.3


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The NES Emulator for the Playstation and Playstation 2 has been released.
Below are the list of changes in this release:

- Menu redesigned from the ground up to be easier to use
- Full game genie support
- NES controls can be remapped to any PSX button
- Now works perfectly with the PS2
- All new sound engine plus DMC channel support
- New color palette captured directly from a real NES specifically for the PSX
- Turbo controls
- Analog stick can be used as NES d-pad
- Saves now work properly with the PSX memory card manager and are backwards compatible with previous releases
- Save game icon can be easily customized before burning
- Mapper 9 (punchout) and 34 (deadly towers) support added
- Proper PAL screen positioning
- CDs with 1 game will auto run for a console like experience
- General speed and accuracy improvements (final fantasy 3 now works perfectly)

In addition to the new version of imbNES, a new version of rombank has also been released that creates ISO images ready to burn in one easy step! Head over to the downloads section to get the binaries and don't forget to check the help section for all new step by step directions.