Jnes v1.2


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Jnes is a NES emulator for Windows platforms.

Its emulation capabilities include graphics, sound, controllers, zapper, and many memory mapping boards found in most USA games and a few popular Japanese boards adding international delight. Jnes boasts an intuitive user interface with instant saves and movie recording to making playing NES games more enjoyable. One of the coolest features is the included database of Pro-Action-Replay and Game Genie cheats, courtesy of Gent.

What’s new in v1.2:
- bugfix: mouse is no longer required;
- bugfix: konami vrc2 games;
- bugfix: puzznic, bases loaded 2;
- bugfix: large IPS files;
- better support for mmc5 graphics;
- improved emulation accuracy;
- cheat search workspace auto-saves in case of crash;
- upgraded to Direct3D 9.0 and DirectInput 8.0;
- added konami mappers 75 (vrc1), 85 (vrc7);
- replaced audio channel menu with volume mixer;
- updated app icon.

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