Jum52 Win v0.60


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This is an A5200 emulator. It works OK, but nowhere near
perfect. Many games are playable (see the compatibility list).

It is written using DJGPP/Allegro. 6502 emulator source is heavily
based on a distribution by a guy called Neil Bradley. POKEY sound
emulator is from Ron Fries.

What's New:

16 Mar 2002 (version 0.6)
Consolidated rendering code for similar ANTIC modes.
Implemented new collision code, using a "collision buffer".
- collision now accurate, many games run much better.
- speed decrease of about 33%
Fixed some age-old bugs in 6502 core - Wizard of Wor now works,
and Megamania runs better.
Changed controller code, added TRIG0 latch
- now more accurate.
- top side buttons now work (Dig Dug, Beamrider)
Implemented PM/PF PRIORity table.
- Mountain King torch now fixed.
Fixed KABOOM! missing PM gfx (bug in non-DMA gfx code)
Implemented ANTIC mode 3 (at last). Fixed ANTIC mode 2 a bit.
Added crc32.c to calculate crc32 of images for identification
Added very basic load/save state (saved as "state").
F9 to save
F10 to load
Fixed missile crap left on screen (Dreadnaught, Frogger)
Corrected horizontal offsets with HSCROLL
- Frogger, HERO, Soccer, Jr. Pacman
Added "PAUSE". (key P)
Modified to run in 640x480 window (stretched).
Simulated scanlines (TV mode). (key S)