Kega Lazarus SE


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Kega is a Sega Master System / Game Gear for Win9x/ME/2000/XP. Heres whats new:

Fixed the remaining Z80 bugs. I'd already fixed all this stuff for Klive (my Spectrum Emulator), but as the version of my Z80 emulator used in Kega is Kega-Specific, the fixes were not copied over for the last version. Now they are. The Z80 code is, as far as I am aware, 100% accurate now.
Fixed a bug where SMS sprites did not wrap at the top of the screen correctly. I thought this worked already, but never got around to testing it. It works now.
Added SMS/GG Expanded Sprites. I don't know of a game that even uses these, in fact, the Genesis with Power Base Converter doesn't even support this feature. But Kega now supports it.
Added SMS Right Scroll Lock feature. I'm sure a few games use this. But as to what ones, I don't know. Whatever - it's in there now.
Added SMS/GG Sprite Collisions. Again, I don't know if anything uses this feature, but it now works.
Added proper NMI support (SMS Pause button.) This was working in Kega prior to Lazarus - but I forgot to fix something when I did the rewrite. Now it works.
Seperated the LOAD MASTERSYSTEM and LOAD GAMEGEAR ROM options, as per request. This now means Kega will remember a seperate folder for Master System and GameGear ROMs.
Added GameGear Border, again, as per request.
VSync issue - several people reported strange frame rates while in fullscreen mode, and I have now tracked down what is causing this. It seems that some GFX cards / Drivers misbehave. When you ask the card to flip the framebuffer, you can specify that you don't want to wait for it to happen (as I was doing) so that you don't waste CPU time. But apparently, some cards/drivers ignore this, and wait anyway - throwing the framerate completely out of sync. It's such a shame that video cards these days seem to support 3D only... Anyway, a solution to this problem: VSync. Now, when the VSync option is disabled, it will also cause Kega to tell the card to flip the screen IMMEDIATELY. This fixes the timing problem, unfortunately it also means that you will probably see some tearing going on.